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Open Bioinformatics postdoc position on Data Science and AI in Systems Biology in the Cosy.Bio lab of Jan Baumbach

The CDL3 laboratory headed by Prof. Dr. Jan Baumbach at the Center for Data and Computing in Natural Science (CDCS) and at the Center for Bioinformatics in Hamburg, Germany, is seeking to hire a highly motivated, creative postdoc with the ability to work with optimal resources and little direct supervision to tackle important research questions at the interface of structural biology and systems biology. The CDCS is a interdisciplinary center of the University of Hamburg, DESY, and the Technical University of Hamburg, where the successful candidate will perform largely independent research on the identification of candidate pathomechanisms driving systems medical effects triggered and predictable by small structural protein alterations.


The postdoc we look for has ...

1. Hand-on experience in biomedical statistics, data science, big data analytics, deep learning, and/or machine learning method development
2. Excellent skills in software development, in particular proficiency with R, Python and/or Java, and associated bioinformatics packages (e.g. Bioconductor)
3. Ability to communicate research findings using e.g. interactive data visualization tools (e.g. R-Shiny, D3.js).
4. Experience with bioinformatics workflows on Unix/Linux and cloud environments.
5. Expert interdisciplinary communication skills, both verbally and in writing.

Together with the Computational Systems Biology lab of Prof. Dr. Jan Baumbach and 10 additional data-science-affine postdocs at the CDCS the postdoc is envisioned to fill the gap between small-scale structural biology and large-scale systems biology using self-developed novel computational tools. Using large-scale omics and structural data available at the different partner labs of the CDCS and with access to world-class bioinformatics labs, the successful candidate will be given a unique chance to develop computational tools to find mechanistic profiles, specifically in the framework of infectious diseases.



1. Perform analysis on relevant biological problems (preferably in the field of infectiology or immunology) using a variety of bioinformatics workflows, including both omics and structural data
2. Independent development of novel data science methods, their implementation and evaluation on this data generated in Hamburg
3. Uncovering of structural protein driver changes (e.g. caused by alternative splicing) that influence the signal flow through molecular interaction networks and trigger the emergence of phenotypic changes
4. Collaborate with biologists, chemists, physicists, and computer scientists to provide expertise in the biomedical data science for a variety of different molecular data types
5. Present research results at lab and CDCS meetings as well as conferences, both national and international.
6. Publish results

For any additional questions on the post, please email Prof. Dr. Jan Baumbach (


Please find the official and full job ad incl. application instructions here:

Note that our university is an equal opportunity employer. In accordance with its policy of increasing the proportion of women in this type of employment, the laboratory actively encourages applications from women. For candidates with equal qualifications, preference will be given to people with physical disabilities.​

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